Your Very Own Chocolate Cake Day

A luxurious and rich chocolate cake is the pinnacle of any birthday celebration. That’s especially the case if it’s one of those with a delicious strawberry filling. Once you’ve had a single bite, you’re in heaven. Chocolate cake is great for other occasions, too. In fact, chocolate can be the perfect treat on any day, and at any time. Imagine, for example, you’ve just arrived at work and one caring colleague has put out a selection of chocolate cupcakes. Each bears a design that makes it look even more appealing, waiting for you to show it just how much it cares. What a wonderful start to the day! But how about an entire day just devoted to chocolate? Here we discuss a brief history of chocolate cake and how you can celebrate your very own Chocolate Day.

God bless Conrad Van Houten

Chocolate cake has been around now for more than 150 years. It made its very first appearance in 1764. It was found that grinding cocoa beans between large stones would produce cocoa powder. That cocoa powder would then become chocolate. It would take another 60 years before a gentleman by the name of Conrad Van Houten would uncover a way to extract fat mechanically from the cacao liquor that produced cacao butter. He is essentially the very reason that we can afford to buy chocolate. So, we owe it all to him.

From that point onwards, the techniques used in making chocolate cake and the type of cakes that were being made continued to expand, which is why there are literally dozens of different types of cake to go alongside the ‘original’ chocolate cake. While, of course, we have the German Chocolate Cake and the Black Forest cake, there continue to be new types invented. That remains the case, in fact, with chocolate still very much at the forefront of our taste buds.

Go chocolate crazy

There is one great way to enjoy your very own chocolate day that is deliciously perfect and simple. Throughout the day, include as many different kinds of chocolate cake as possible. Buy some chocolate cake batter and make some chocolate pancakes for breakfast, topping it with whipped cream and caramel syrup. Use the remaining batter to make chocolate cupcakes and place a strawberry in the middle of each one. You could even them to the office with you and offer some to your colleagues (the opposite of the scenario from the first paragraph) They’ll love you for it.

Then when you arrive home, make an all-out effort to serve yourself a generous slice of chocolate cake for dessert. If you really want to celebrate the day, eat it first.

After all, why should you be forced to sit through dinner when you know it’s the dessert you really want?

Your own Chocolate Cake Day, of course, is all about this amazing treat, so don’t waste a single opportunity to sink your teeth into another bite of this cocoa-rich concoction.