The Most Expensive Desserts in The World

The average person wouldn’t be able or even want to buy a dessert that costs over a hundred thousand dollars.

However, for the people reading this that have a wallet that’s bursting at the seams, this list will tell you about three of the most expensive desserts in the entire world. The rest of us will sit here with tingling tastebuds and make big eyes at their hefty price tags.

The Platinum Cake, which costs $130,000

The Platinum Cake was thought up by a pastry chef from Japan who is called Nobue Ikara. The cake is worth over a hundred thirty thousand dollars. If you are a lover of platinum, this cake is a dream come true for you. The cake’s frosting is white, but the platinum that’s all over the cake covers up the simplicity of the icing. There are platinum pendants, chains, foils, pins, chains, and necklaces that decorate the cake, which is all safe to eat. The cake is dedicated to women by Ikara, but also shows women that platinum is a beautiful thing that they should wear. There is a company called the Platinum Guild International, which showcased the cake. The company is hoping to get more people to purchase jewelry made of platinum, even if the price of the metal is high these days. The company doesn’t know if someone is willing to spend the money to buy the cake since they know that the cake is worth too much for most people.

The Strawberries Arnaud, which costs $1.4 million

You may hear from many people that what you see may not be what you get, which is something that is an excellent description of the dessert called the Strawberries Arnaud. In the French Quarter in New Orleans, you’ll find the restaurant of Arnaud’s. When you go to the restaurant, you’ll see the strawberries with mint and cream on top inside of a bowl, but you’ll also wonder why it’s worth more than a million dollars. If you look closer at the seemingly simple bowl of strawberries, you may spot a ring, which has a pink diamond that is a 4.7-carat beauty. If you buy the bowl of strawberries with a bonus pink diamond ring, you’ll be served a wine set that is worth almost twenty-five thousand dollars by high-class servers. You will also have a live jazz band playing music for you.

The Diamond Fruitcake, which costs $1.65 million

Everyone sees the Christmas holidays as a time for being with your family and eating a delicious meal with them. You’d also be giving gifts to each other as part of Christmas tradition. However, do you know anyone willing to spend over a million and a half dollars for a cake? If you do, you should tell them about the Diamond Fruitcake. A Japanese pastry chef created the cake, and they were the one who decided to make the cake worth so much money. The chef auctioned the cake off during the day of Christmas. They designed the cake for around six months, and it took them about a month to finish the cake up for being sold. There are over two hundred small diamonds all over the cake, which aren’t edible. However, the entire cake is edible.