The Famous Peruvian Donuts Are Addictive

While you can’t buy happiness, surely you can buy donuts, and they are both kind of the same thing.

There are numerous varieties of donuts around the world altered according to the specifications of each region to which they belong. Donuts are generally a type of snack made of fried dough with loads of sugar and fillings too. While the famous donuts are easily accessible at bakeshops, food stalls, vendors on the streets, today it can also be quickly whipped up for breakfast or even as a dessert after a meal. The process of preparation varies from place to place. Take, for instance, the Shakoy of Philippines; it is entirely different from the Oliebollen of the Netherlands, the Bofrot of Ghana, or even the Malasada of Hawaii. Thus it is safe to say that your pick entirely depends on which pleases your tastebuds. The famous Peruvian donuts with respect to other countries’ donut varieties, is in and of itself on a higher status when it comes to taste. It is usually accompanied with syrup to lubricate and add some flavor. Natively known as Picarones, the Peruvian donut has gone to become one of the popular donuts according to the majority who have tasted it. Historically, the Picarones were brought into Peru during the colonization of the Spaniards as an option to replace the then famous Buñuelos. The main reason why the Picarones took over the Buñuelos is because of the expense in making the Buñuelos. As the Spaniards settled down in Peru, they realize they didn’t have the specific ingredients to bake their donuts. Therefore they improvised on whatever available ingredients that they had. If they had to make the Buñuelos, they would have had to source the ingredients which would only add to the cost of the production. Fascinatingly, they accidentally end up creating the Peruvian Picarones — thus introducing to them (Peruvian natives) the mouth-watery delicacy, local to the capital of Peru, Lima. The famous Peruvian donut is not so secret in its makeup. Picarones are mainly made by three essential ingredients; Squash, sweet potatoes, and Chancaca syrup.

Chancaca syrup

It is achieved by mixing the dough with the mashed squash and sweet potatoes, then dipped into the pan to be cooked. What’s fascinating is that just out of these three ingredients, a delicacy of such great favor would arise. In addition to that, the Peruvian donuts are known to be addictive, the flavor and crunch ruin any other donut for the dessert lover. You don’t have to worry about the perfect donut shape, as the irregular sides of this donut only add to its raw authenticity. The fact that it can be easily prepared makes it an ideal addition to breakfast, dessert, or just in-between-meal snacks. Make a little extra, and you can even sell these delightful snacks. The donuts are nutrient dense, and the amount of sucrose (sugar) and carbohydrate can power you for the rest of the day. These Peruvian donuts are very irresistible to a point where they can become very addictive.