5 Chocolate Countries

5 Chocolate Countries

Do you like chocolate, desserts, and unusual sweets? These are cities where the sweet taste beats everything else and those who have the sweet tooth will fall in love with these places. We have made the top five holiday destinations in the world for traveling dessert enthusiasts. Belgium There is no surprise that Brussels is […]

Classic Fluffy Carrot Cake

Classic Fluffy Carrot Cake

Carrot pies may not be as popular as apple pies, but there are dozens or even hundreds of sweet recipes with this vegetable. There is no secret that sometimes carrot cakes come out heavy and later they simmer a bit. But just not this time! According to our recipe, the cake will be fluffy and […]

The Hungarian Eszterházy Torta is Six Layers of Heaven

You will often hear that the French are the people with the best food in the entire world. The Italians will say that they inspired the French. The Germans have food that has gone under many people’s radars. The Spanish have some delights that you can’t ever forget about in your life. But when you […]

The Light and Crispy Beginnings of Baklava

Baklava is a sweet, rich dessert. It is a pastry made into layers filled with sweetened chopped nuts that are held together with honey or syrup. Baklava was perfected in the sultan’s palace by royal bakers in Istanbul. It has phyllo for layers, filled with spices, and nuts drenched in syrup.  It is a Middle […]

The History of Religieuse – Dessert of the Nuns

The French are known for their pastry making skills. Most of the pastries and desserts around the world can be traced back to French origins, making them sound more amazing and in some cases even taste better than manna from heaven. While there are too many desserts in France that one person can try, there […]

The Story of Viennoiseries

Viennoiserie could well be the most popular category of French pastry in the world, due to the croissant, its most well-known baked good. As it happens, however, the roll, which is in the shape of a crescent, isn’t actually as French as many think. It, in fact, came from the one-time Austrian Empire. The word […]