Burned Cheese Dessert From The Heart of Odisha, India – The Chhena Poda

Chhena Poda’s literal meaning is “burnt cheese.” It may seem easy to make, but it is somewhat of a challenge to execute. The traditional way of making the dessert was time-consuming.

You would have had to wrap it up in a sal tree’s leaves. Then you’d have to cook it in an oven powered by coal. Back then, ovens in your house weren’t common to have. That’s why it would take a lot of time to make, where the process took almost four hours. A pressure cooker is also viable to be used to bake the dessert. But an essential factor you have to keep your eyes on is the proportions. You need to be accurate and precise with the ingredients and their proportions when making this dessert. You might not think that it’s a fancy dessert, but it’s a dessert that needs to be prepared correctly

The Process Of Making The Chhena Poda

To make the chhena poda, you have to take cottage cheese (chhena) as well as the right amount of semolina. Then you knead them together along with some sugar. To add flavouring to the dessert, you should add cashews that have been roasted slightly, raisins, and cardamom powder. The first thing to do when you’re getting your Chhena Poda prepares is to acquire fresh cottage cheese. To get fresh cottage cheese, you’ll have to get some milk curdled. When the milk is curdled, get enough fine muslin cloth so that you can sieve it through. If you visit a household in India, you’ll most likely meet someone that can get the cottage cheese done correctly. They rely on it in many recipes. Now you’ll have to get the dessert’s top layer of caramelised sugar. On a low flame, get a tin and melt ghee on it. The next thing you do is add sugar and then twirl around the pan so that it all mixes evenly. If you don’t mix it, it will all group up at the sides

You’ll have to mix up all the ingredients aside from the caramel. First, get the mashed cottage cheese and put the sugar and semolina in it, then mix it thoroughly to the point where it’s crumbly and soft. Next, get the nuts, raisins, and cardamom powder and put it into the mixture. Mix everything gently. Then with that mixture, pat it all gently onto the caramel. The final step is to bake it. What you’ll get when you bake it is a sweet, moist, and soft cake. The resulting chhena poda is a dessert that you can’t store for an extended period. So you should probably finish it within a few days. Although, you probably would finish it that fast anyways since the dessert tastes fantastic. You can store the dessert in your refrigerator up to around five days. Before you serve it, let it get to room temperature so that you can enjoy it at its best. When you have friends over, this is an excellent dessert to share as it can bring you and your friends some happiness in the form of a dessert.