Everyone loves chocolates and chocolate-covered strawberries around Valentine’s Day, chocolate cake when it’s their birthday, and chocolate eggs during Easter, however true chocolate lovers don’t need a holiday or special occasion to profess their love for delicious chocolate. Whether you’re eager to learn how to make new chocolate desserts or just wanting to go somewhere to taste all types of different chocolates, there’s plenty of activities for you to partake in to get your chocolate fix. Here are some good activities to partake in for chocolate enthusiasts.

Chocolate Tasting Tour

Whether you choose to go on a tour in your city or you travel, there’s no better way to experience a city and all of its chocolatey goodness than with a chocolate tasting tour. Combining sightseeing with yummy gourmet chocolate, there’s no way you can go wrong. With chocolate tasting tours, you get the best of both worlds. These types of tours are found all over the world, especially the United Kingdom. Most chocolate tasting tours are done on foot, so you get a nice feel for the city, you get to experience the culture, and you also get the luxury of walking off all those extra calories you’re going to put on from all that chocolate. Chocolate enthusiasts make it a mission to travel to different cities to explore all types of different chocolates, and this makes for a great hobby. You could commit to going on a different chocolate tour once a month or once every quarter.

Chocolate Class

Different chocolate

Different chocolate

What better way to get better at your chocolate making skills than to learn from a professional? You could choose between virtual or local, in-person classes. The benefits of virtual classes are convenience and privacy. Whereas, if you actually go to the physical classes, you get to meet and mingle with other chocolate lovers. With professional chocolate classes, you can learn tips, tricks, and techniques to make delicious chocolate. You can learn everything you need to make chocolate that everyone will love, develop skills to start your own dessert business, or simply do it for enjoyment. You can choose group classes where everyone is learning and making things together or you could choose one on one classes. It’s completely up to you. So, whether you’re wanting to learn how to make chocolate ganache or chocolate mousse, there’s a class for you to take up.

Cooking / Baking with Chocolate

Another great activity to do if you can’t get enough of chocolate is cooking and baking with it. You could start a collection of chocolate recipes and dedicate each day to trying out new recipes and perfecting them. Nowadays, there are tons of Youtube video tutorials on how to make different chocolate recipes. Cooking and baking are both great ways to relieve stress and just have a little time to yourself. So, by creating your own recipes or recreating someone else’s, you get the best of both worlds. After you’re finished with your creations, you get to be the taste tester or you could also let family and friends enjoy your decadent chocolate.

Join Chocolate Lovers’ Groups

Chocolate mousse cake with strawberry on top

Chocolate mousse cake with strawberry on top

Joining a group or community of chocolate lovers can be really fun and beneficial for you. If there aren’t any local groups in your area, you could always join groups on Facebook, as there are many groups and pages dedicated to chocolate lovers. Inside these groups, there are chocolate enthusiasts sharing recipes and ideas for making things involving chocolate. The groups are full of people just as obsessed with chocolate as you, and there are always fun activities and even games going on. Group members get on live video, regularly, and make yummy recipes involving chocolate.

Chocolate Games

Playing a game and incorporating chocolate is a great pastime and an easy way of having a special treat while having some fun. Both children and adults will have a blast playing games with chocolate. There are tons of games that you can play that include chocolate, just use your imagination. You could gather several different kinds of chocolate bars and lay them out. Blindfold each player and take turns biting the candy bar and guessing what it is. Another idea is a chocolate guessing game, where you fill up a large jar with small, unwrapped chocolates. Each player takes turns guessing how many chocolates are in the jar, and the player closest to the correct answer gets all of the chocolate. These are great ways to incorporate your love for chocolate with having fun with family and friends.

If you’re a chocolate lover, then this is the perfect list of activities for you to partake in. I don’t have many friends that share my love for chocolate, so it’s always superb finding new ways to incorporate chocolate into my everyday life. Other hobbies of mine include hot yoga, binge watching reality shows, and playing at pokerstarscasino, and I enjoy eating chocolate while doing so. What are some things that you do that incorporate your love for chocolate? Chime in!