6 Chocolate Desserts From Around The World

Whether it’s to satisfy sweet cravings, deal with a relationship breakup, or to celebrate Valentine’s Day, chocolate is almost always the answer. That’s how much chocolate is prevalent in popular culture. It brings us closer and comforts us, even when fighting just for that very last square of a chocolate bar. It’s of no surprise then that it’s the world’s most popular decadence. Here are some chocolate desserts from around the globe you would simply die for.


Brigadeiro is a popular chocolate dessert in Brazil, made from butter, cocoa powder, and condensed milk. The outerlayer is covered with chocolate sprinkles. The delightful and chewy dessert was created during WW2 in Brazil. It’s believed that, at that time, finding milk and fresh sugar for dessert was a hard task. That explains why, once they discovered it was possible, people preferred a mixture of chocolate and condensed milk when making a delicious dessert. They also found that it had an improved shelf life.

Chocolate Ice Cream Mochi

The main problem with ice-cream is that it melts within a matter of minutes. It appears, however, that Japan has found the ideal fix for this issue. The Japanese use sticky rice dough, which they call Mochi, to in which wrap their chocolate ice-cream. They then use corn starch to smother the rice dough to prevent it from sticking to your fingers. This mixture results in the chocolate ice-cream being given the perfect flavour and taste without it melting away.

Spicy Hot Chocolate

Let’s face it: the idea of something both spicy and sweet appeals to pretty much everyone. So, if you’ve been dreaming of the perfect spicy and sweet concoction, Mexican Spicy Hot Chocolate is your best bet, with ingredients that include Mexican chocolate, cinnamon, and star anise. It offers the typical hot chocolate taste with a spicy kick.

Sachor Torte

Sacher torte is among the more popular Viennese desserts. The multi-layered cake is a type of torte or chocolate cake with fillings that include jam and whipped cream. It’s a thick chocolate cake with apricot jam thinly layered on top and dark chocolate icing on both the top and sides. It typically comes with unsweetened whipped cream.

Pan Au Chocolat

Not your typical sweet croissant, this French sweet roll comes with a dark chocolate filling. Also called Chocolatine, it’s a piece of yeast-leavened dough (puff pastry) with at least one piece of dark chocolate in the middle. Simply mouthwatering.

Churros Con Chocolate

The Spanish sweet dish known as Churros Con Chocolate is a popular one. Many people count churros among their favourite chocolate desserts. Sugar and cinnamon cover these delicious fried dough pastries that are dipped in an abundance of chocolate sauce. These dessert snacks are the ideal treat if you’re looking to fulfil your sweet cravings.

Take a look at this short list, make your pick and indulge in the sweetness of the chocolate – whether it’s a celebratory cake or a dessert for a more special occasion, you will surely find something to commemorate the occasion with.