You will often hear that the French are the people with the best food in the entire world. The Italians will say that they inspired the French. The Germans have food that has gone under many people’s radars. The Spanish have some delights that you can’t ever forget about in your life. But when you think of the cafe and cake culture, you will always think about Hungary and Austria with the Esterhazy Torta.

The truth is that a lot of Austrian pastry shops originated in Hungary. But the two countries were allies when they were the Austro-Hungarian Empire. There is a significant amount of culinary and cultural cross-fertilization between the two countries, thanks to that partnership. There are river cruises you can take. On the cruises, you can enjoy the most iconic cakes while on the journey and in the cities of Budapest and Vienna. You’ll find yourself in a sophisticated city of Vienna. The streets will be a place where you find high-end international galleries, design outlets, and boutiques. If you love food, then it’ll be a dream come true.

The Food That Tempts Us All

The tour companies offer several river cruises, and you can have a stay onboard the beautiful vessels too. If you love travelling, then you’ll love being able to visit different places along the Danube’s banks. If you also love food, then you’ll find exquisite dishes that will satisfy your taste buds, and it will blow your minds. You’ll be able to eat some grand breakfast. Drinking coffee in the morning is something you do when you sample cookies. Lunch is something like a tapestry full of flavour and colour. Dinner will be a meal that will make you feel worthy. But before dinner, you’re going to have a cup of tea or coffee in the afternoon. You’d usually have some cake with the drink, which symbolizes the temptations of the places you’re travelling.

You will find many amazing cakes when you’re in Vienna. The most popular cake you’ll be hearing about is the Sachertorte. It’s a cake that you can find in the cafes around the city, or you can buy it as a souvenir to eat somewhere else or gift someone. It’s a mirror glaze-coated dark chocolate cake. The cake’s flavour is refined and luxurious, and it tastes incredible. It is the perfect exemplary manifestation of Vienna’s cafe culture. You would be drinking a cup of coffee alongside the cake most of the time. Coffee was something that was discovered in 1683 after Vienna was sieged by the Turkish. The army that retreated from the battle left bags of coffee beans.

The chefs onboard the AmaViola are offering sponges, cheesecakes, tarts, small cakes, and whole gateaux. One of the items on their extensive sweets menu is the Esterhazy torta, which is four layers of sponge cake that sandwiches chocolate buttercream in between them. For people that love to indulge in chocolate, you aren’t forgotten. You’ll be able to eat chocolate muffins, brownies, or cookies if you desire a chocolate treat. The sweets offered in the country are ones that reach all over the world, so you’ll find sweets from the country in many popular cafes.