The Story of Viennoiseries

Viennoiserie could well be the most popular category of French pastry in the world, due to the croissant, its most well-known baked good. As it happens, however, the roll, which is in the shape of a crescent, isn’t actually as French as many think. It, in fact, came from the one-time Austrian Empire. The word itself describes a category of pastry that includes brioche, pain au raisins, and croissants. These pastries are associated with France, traditionally.


The Religious History of Italian Pastry – Part 2

While made for pious reasons, among the more arousing pastries that the nuns made were the breast-shaped, sugar-glazed minni di virgin with a cherry-nipple topping. They were produced in Catania to honour Saint Agatha’s martyrdom and torture.


The Religious History of Italian Pastry – Part 1

If it weren’t for the nuns and monks of Italy, we may not have had pastry, plumbing, and Plato. These religious Italians are credited with ensuring the safety of Western culture in the Dark Ages. As Western Europe was conquered and reformed by barbarians, convents and monasteries acted as safe havens.


The History of Pastries – Part 2

Once British kitchens had established pastry-making as standard, a number of variations from different parts of the country began to surface. (more…)

The History of Pastries – Part 1

Many of the world’s finest creations trace back to classical and ancient times. Papyrus and hieroglyphics came from ancient Egypt, and the Romans, aside from aqueducts and military tactics, are thought to have given us all used types of pastry. (more…)

4 Pastries and Cakes That Have Gripped America

Americans are fond of nostalgia at the best of times but especially when it comes to classic desserts, whether it be a slice of apple pie, chocolate chip cookies, doughnuts, or cupcakes. (more…)

The History of Parisian Patisseries

Paris is simply a paradise for culinary lovers. However, once you’ve had a taste of the city’s finest eateries, you may be wondering where to go to sample some of its tastiest treats. (more…)

6 Chocolate Desserts From Around The World

Whether it’s to satisfy sweet cravings, deal with a relationship breakup, or to celebrate Valentine’s Day, chocolate is almost always the answer. That’s how much chocolate is prevalent in popular culture. It brings us closer and comforts us, even when fighting just for that very last square of a chocolate bar. It’s of no surprise then that it’s the world’s most popular decadence. Here are some chocolate desserts from around the globe you would simply die for. (more…)

American Chocolate Cake and German Influence

Kraft foods spokeswoman Patricia Riso said that the company had used a chocolate bar bearing the brand name “German’s” for its chocolate cake recipe. The bar was developed all the way back in 1952 by Sam German, a confectioner from England who worked for Baker’s Chocolate Company. (more…)

Your Very Own Chocolate Cake Day

A luxurious and rich chocolate cake is the pinnacle of any birthday celebration. That’s especially the case if it’s one of those with a delicious strawberry filling. Once you’ve had a single bite, you’re in heaven. Chocolate cake is great for other occasions, too. In fact, chocolate can be the perfect treat on any day, and at any time. (more…)